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Unmanned package delivery

Our vision is to make society more efficient by leveraging autonomous technology. The first step is autonomous transportation of goods.

How it works

Automatic pickup

Hand off the cargo in our automatic landing platform and specify the delivery location from your phone.

No pilots involved

The drone picks up the cargo and flies autonomously to its destination. The temperature and vibration is controlled the entire flight.

Safe delivery

The package is safely stored inside the receiving landing platform, and the recipient is notified.

Fly above traffic

Delivery times will no longer lie at
the mercy of busy roads.


During 2021 and 2022, Aviant operated ten commercial contracts. We provided the customer with faster, greener and more flexible transportation compared to their current solutions.

Östersund, Sweden

Transportation over 110 km between the main hospital and the town Fünasdalen.

Västerbotten, Sweden

Medical deliveries between health centers and patients.

Trøndelag, Norway

Long-distance transportation of COVID test samples and PPE.

Røros, Norway

Border crossing between Norway and Sweden.

Namsos, Norway

Transportation of water samples to lab for analytics.

Haltdalen, Norway

Transportation of milk samples to Tine's centralized lab in Trondheim.

Key statistics

2 000+

Completed flights

30 000+

Kilometers covered

4 440 kg

Co2 saved

124 km

Longest flight


Drones available


Paying contracts

Drone specifications

Wingspan: 2.5 meters
Cargo capacity: 3 kg
Cruising speed: 85 km/h
Flight time: 1-2 hours

Customer cases

Developing drones to address pandemic-related challenges in Scandinavia

Delivering COVID test samples by drone in Norway

Tomorrow's carrier pigeons delivering rapid COVID test kits in Sweden

Drones transporting blood samples from Funäsdalen to Östersund

Does the drone require a pilot?

The drone flies autonomously, but for safety reasons there is always a "back-seat pilot" that is monitoring its behavior and can intervene if something unexpected happens. However, one pilot can operate several aircraft simultaneously.

Which fuel is used?

The drone is fully electric. This results in a 99% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to gasoline cars, and a 97% reduction compared to electric cars.

What is your maximum range?

We have covered 160 km during tests, but we limit ourselves to 120 km for safety reasons.

How do you deal with temperature and vibration sensitivity of medical samples?

Our cargo box dampens vibrations and maintains the desired temperature. These properties are also measured and logged for traceability.


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